Murkowski Encourages Alaskans to Shop Small and Locally

Co-Sponsor of Small Business Saturday Resolution: “Small Businesses Are Such a Crucial Economic Engine for Our State, but We Need to Keep Fueling Them to Keep it Running”

Senator Lisa Murkowski today encouraged Alaskans to support Small Business Saturday and support Alaska’s small business community, offering the following remarks:

“Thanksgiving weekend is an opportunity to catch up with family and friends, watch some football, eat some turkey – and is the official beginning of holiday shopping season.  I want to encourage Alaskans to support our small businesses this weekend through Small Business Saturday.

“Whether you’re in or around Fairbanks, Anchorage, Kenai, Seward or Juneau – your local businesses are open for business this weekend and waiting for you.  I co-sponsored a resolution this year to raise the profile of Small Business Saturday, and this weekend is a great opportunity to go the extra mile for our local vendors.

“So why you may ask?  I’ll give you a bunch of good reasons.  Let’s start with the most important: more sleep.  When thousands of Americans are waiting outside big box stores on Friday morning, the small businesses allow you to wake up at a human hour and check a lot of your friends and family off your list.

“Aside from that, supporting your local small business means supporting your local economy.  It means creating and sustaining jobs across our state.  Small businesses are such a crucial economic engine for our state, but we need to keep fueling them to keep it running.  Small businesses also demonstrate our unique Alaskan culture on their shelves, and you can usually find a gift with a little Alaskan personality better there instead of a bigger store.

“So while you are being thankful for all the blessings bestowed upon our state and our nation, please make a spot on your shopping to-do list for our small businesses.”