Murkowski, Feinstein Show Their Support for America’s Flower Farmers

Led by U.S. Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), the U.S. Senate passed a resolution supporting the American farmers and small business owners who engage in the American cut flower industry.  The resolution designates July as “American Grown Flower Month” and also encourages Americans to support the farmers and small businesses that generate tens of thousands of jobs and nearly $42 million in economic impact each day.

“While most Americans do not immediately think of Alaska when they think of flowers, Alaska’s peony industry is one of Alaska’s newest and most exciting. Alaska has gained global recognition for growing the largest, most vibrant peonies, and doing so at a time of the year when no other peonies in the world bloom.  Just as Alaska’s peony growers are an increasing part of Alaska’s economy, American cut-flower growers throughout our nation develop economic opportunity for themselves and the countless retailers, wholesalers, florists, and employees who rely on them.” said Senator Murkowski. “I am pleased my colleagues have agreed to share in my pride for America’s cut flower industry by consenting to pass this resolution.”

The resolution works to support domestic cut flower growers who bring beauty, economic stimulus, and pride to their communities and the nation. Growing flowers and greens in the U.S. is vital to our agricultural industry and our economy. The domestic cut flower industry supports hundreds of growers, thousands of small businesses, and tens of thousands of jobs. More and more consumers want to support domestically produced foods and agricultural products, and would prefer to buy locally grown flowers. Individuals are consciously choosing domestically produced products, so the rise in demand for domestically grown flowers is only natural. Domestically grown flowers, such as peonies from Alaska, are now bearing the stamp “Certified American Grown,” and share part celebrations and holidays across America. The resolution proactively features flowers and greens grown in the U.S to support our flower farmers, processors, and distributors.