Murkowski Fights Against Military Fraud

Senator Co-Sponsors Effort to Protect Honor, Punish Frauds Profiting from Fake Service

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Lisa Murkowski today joined the fight to punish attempts by individuals to make money through misrepresenting themselves as heroes from military service – as a co-sponsor of S.1728, the Stolen Valor Act.   The bill would impose a punishment on individuals who commit fraud by lying about their military service with the intention of receiving anything “of value” in return.

“Alaska has over 75,000 men and women who have served their country bravely, none of whom deserves to have their service devalued or demeaned through fraud,” said Murkowski.  “While the freedom of speech is absolute – even for bad or dishonest speech – no impostor should make a dime off the shared sacrifice of our armed services.”

The Stolen Valor Act is sponsored by Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) and 27 other U.S. Senate co-sponsors.  The Supreme Court ruled in June that freedom of speech permits Americans to lie about military service, but those first amendment protections do not include making money from mistruths.  This legislation would impose a fine on individuals attempting to profit from military fraud, or possibly jail time in some instances.

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