Murkowski: Get Government Out of Alaska’s Way

Senator to Address Overreach Summit, Define Terms to Create Solutions

WASHINGTON, DC — Senator Lisa Murkowski will address the Citizens Advisory Commission on Federal Areas tomorrow morning – taking up the issue of federal overreach, and her commitment to pushing back through her daily work in Washington, DC.  In order to advance the debate and create a better environment to develop solutions, Murkowski will define the problem in concrete terms and suggest new ways of dealing with the problem.

During her speech, Senator Murkowski will speak to attendees about how Alaska’s economic potential is being held back by wrong-headed, top down policies and regulations. Among Murkowski’s planned remarks are:

I define overreach as the continuous, often callous, disregard that the federal government displays toward the rights and interests of Alaskans.  It can be a decision that halts a project, that cuts off vital access, or that prohibits an appropriate use of our public lands.  It can be shocking indifference to the letter of the law, or the seemingly deliberate misinterpretation of what that law plainly requires.  It can be a double standard, where Alaska is treated differently, and unfairly, compared to other States.  It can be a new regulation that imposes an unacceptable burden on our families and businesses. 

 What: Senator Lisa Murkowski addresses Alaskans about federal overreach

Where: Dena’ina Center, Anchorage

When: Tuesday, August 8th @ 8:30am – with a press availability afterwards