Murkowski Gets Deep Draft Arctic Port Amendment in Final Infrastructure Bill

Senator Takes Initiative As Administration Leads from Behind on Arctic, Also Includes Provisions Addressing Coastal Concerns, Seward Development

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Through her active leadership with colleagues on both sides of the aisle, Senator Lisa Murkowski successfully included a number of key Alaska-centric provisions within the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) conference report agreed to and released publicly by Senate and House negotiators today. 

Senator Murkowski’s amendment to enable the Army Corps of Engineers to pursue partnerships with non-federal public entities to support development of an Arctic Deep Draft Ports is in the final bill – opening the door to meaningful progress to build much-needed infrastructure in the region.

“As this administration seems to ‘lead from behind’ when it comes to Arctic investment and vision, my amendment to allow for partnerships with non-federal public entities could be a game-changer in terms of getting an Arctic Deep Draft Port closer to becoming a reality in the state,” said Murkowski. “I also worked hard to strengthen the Army Corps’ Remote and Subsistence Harbor authority to facilitate coastal harbor projects throughout the state.  These harbors are the lifeblood of our coastal communities, and making it easier for them to work with the Army Corps will lead to improved facilities and economic development.”

Also included in the conference report, due to Murkowski’s efforts throughout the WRDA process: