Murkowski: “He Built Alaska. Ted Was Alaska”

Senator Murkowski Speaks To Alaskans on the First Ted Stevens Day

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senators Lisa Murkowski spoke to Alaskans today to commemorate tomorrow’s first celebration of Ted Stevens Day in Alaska.  Here is a transcript of her thoughts:

“Happy Ted Stevens Day, Alaska!

“I hope that every single one of you is enjoying a beautiful Alaska Summer weekend the way that Senator Stevens would have wanted: in an active, fun way – embracing Alaska’s great outdoors.  The Stevens family said today’s motto should be “Get Out And Play” because of Ted’s love of hiking, fishing and the great outdoors.

“Senator Stevens played hard.  And worked even harder.

“He began working in Alaska long before statehood. When he came here to Washington, DC to represent us in the Senate, he fought for Alaska every single day for forty years. It’s not a stretch to say nearly every inch of road, building or pipe in the state bears his imprint – along with programs that keep us healthy, protect our fisheries, and educate our children,

“There’s a lot of broad, sweeping talk of “Founding Fathers” in history books. Ted Stevens was our state’s founding father, the Alaskan of the 20th Century.  And a legend we lost nearly a year ago.  He built Alaska.  Ted was Alaska.  And we all miss him.

“So Alaska, for Uncle Ted: Get out and play!”

A YouTube clip of Senator Murkowski’s remarks can be found at: http://bit.ly/r3bhOI