Murkowski Honors William H. Seward on Seward’s Day

Senator Praises Optimism, Vision of Lincoln’s Secretary of State

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In celebration of Seward’s Day in Alaska, Senator Murkowski shared these comments:

“On behalf of grateful Alaskans, I would like to thank William H. Seward for appreciating the value and potential that our state represents. Seward saw what the land and location could offer America, even before our rich resources were discovered.  His prescience is seen today through our vital military position on the globe as we face foreign threats to the West.

“Though Seward was labeled as something of a radical, his ‘folly’ turned out to be one of the greatest, and cheapest land deals in history – and Alaska’s resource-rich land and waters have proven this a historic investment.  I hope that Alaskans will take time on this state holiday to reflect on Seward's wisdom and optimism and all our state has to look forward to.”

(Senator Murkowski holds a replica of the contract signedbetween Russia and the U.S. – click to watch her read it.)