Murkowski Lauds USPS Decision To Not Halt Juneau Processing

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Lisa Murkowski received a letter from the United States Postal Service Alaska District manager, informing her that Juneau mail processing operations will not be moved to Anchorage.  This comes just a month after the USPS decided to move Alaska’s Western Area Distribution Office to Denver. 

The Senator today issued the following response: 

“In this economy, the lack of bad news can be considered good news – especially when it comes to Alaska’s already-hamstrung postal operations. While I share the Postal Service’s concerns about their multi-billion dollar deficit, it’s vital they make smart cuts that don’t threaten the mail service that Alaskans – more than most states – rely on. 

“I have met with Postmasters, postal workers and everyday Alaskans who rely on the mail in Alaska to get their food, medicine and conduct business.  I will continue to work with the Postmaster General and my Senate colleagues to ensure the continued viability of the Postal Service in Alaska and across the country.” 

The letter from Alaska District Manager Dianne Horbochuk is attached