Murkowski Lauds Walmart Stocking Shelves with Alaska Seafood

Senator Pleased to See Alaskan Fish Gaining Wider Audience, Appreciation

Senator Lisa Murkowski today welcomed news that Walmart has decided to stock wild caught Alaskan fish on shelves in their Alaska and Washington state stores.  After a concerted effort by Murkowski to advocate for the merits and taste of Alaska’s superlative seafood – including reaching out directly to the President and CEO of Walmart –Walmart today announced it will offer Alaskan cod, salmon, rockfish, sole, and crab.

“Today’s announcement is great news for Alaska our seafood industry, and Walmart’s customers, who will get the opportunity to consume the best seafood out there,” said Murkowski.  “Alaska seafood is an incredibly tasty and nutritious renewable resource, and its superior flavor and texture is prized around the world. I’m glad Walmart officials agree.”

According to today’s news, Walmart will feature a new line of seafood called ‘The Alaskan,’ including:

  • Alaska Coho Salmon
  • Alaska Fish Sandwich
  • Alaska Pollock Fillets
  • Alaska Whitefish Burger
  • Alaska Grilled Salmon
  • Alaska Cod
  • Alaska King Salmon
  • Alaska Keta Salmon
  • Alaska Rockfish
  • Alaska Sole