Murkowski: “Let’s Get Out And Play” for Uncle Ted

Senator Encourages Alaskans to Celebrate Ted Stevens Day

A day after remembering the legacy of Senator Ted Stevens on the U.S. Senate floor with her colleagues and the nation (click here to watch), Senator Lisa Murkowski today shared the following thoughts with Alaskans on the eve of Ted Stevens Day:

“Happy Ted Stevens Day, Alaska!

“Today marks the second year that we have celebrated the memory of Uncle Ted by following his lead and getting out – embracing Alaska’s great outdoors on a fantastic July Saturday.

“Theodore Fulton Stevens was the Alaskan of the 20th Century and a tireless advocate for the 49th state.  He was committed to our people, our economy and all that we contribute for America – from national security to energy independence to our bountiful fisheries.

“Today, though, is about Senator Stevens’ deeply held belief in physical fitness.  It’s appropriate that as we wake up from Friday’s night’s Olympic Opening Ceremonies – a cause that Senator Stevens was involved with – we take up activities that require a little sweat, a little effort, and maybe catching our breath afterwards. Whether you decide to walk, run, hike, climb, fish, bike or just play outside, I encourage you all to give a personal salute to the Alaskan of the 20th Century.

“We lost Uncle Ted nearly two years ago, but there is no statute of limitations on paying our respect to a man who meant so much to our state and made it what it is today.

“So today, for Senator Stevens and the entire Stevens family: Let’s get out and play!”