Murkowski, NY Yankee Teixeira Discuss Afterschool Programs

Senator Meets with Bronx Bomber to “Swing for the Fences” and Keep Kids on Track

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Lisa Murkowski today met with New York Yankees First Baseman Mark Teixeira to share ideas about how afterschool programs benefit youth in Alaska, Harlem, and across the nation. 

“While I wish Mark had played in the Alaska Baseball League, he really recognizes the positive impacts sports and afterschool programs can bring,” said Murkowski.  “The confidence and discipline that sports instills in youth can be applied across the board – as can afterschool programs that provide safe, structured, fun activities to help kids excel in school and as people.  I really appreciate his ‘swing for the fences’ mindset for our children’s future.”

“Senator Murkowski has shown a lot of great leadership when it comes to supporting afterschool programs,” said Teixeira.  “It’s important that we raise awareness about what afterschool programs do. We’re not babysitters; we’re actually changing kids lives.”

A member of the Senate Afterschool Caucus, Murkowski met with Teixeira to discuss how the Harlem RBI afterschool program has helped thousands of kids in New York City to succeed.  Senator Murkowski is a strong supporter of afterschool programs and is the lead Republican co-sponsor of the Afterschool for America’s Children Act.

(Teixeira talks about afterschool programs, Senator Murkowski’s support)