Murkowski on Budget Talks: “There Is No Time to Waste”

Murkowski Frustrated at “Posturing and Speeches” of Recent Days

WASHINGTON, DC – The United States Senate recessed for the week today, with little in the way of progress being made towards an agreement on a sustainable financial path for the country’s future.  Alaska’s Senior Senator Lisa Murkowski gave the following reaction:

“I am flying home tonight with a new level of frustration at the state of gridlock in Washington, DC.  I cancelled my plans this week to connect with Alaskans from Fort Greely to King Salmon, with the hope that my colleagues would move beyond talking points and, instead, talk to one another about the very wrong path America is on. The warning signs are everywhere:

  • 40 cents of every dollar the federal government spends is borrowed;
  • Government spending has grown to 25% of GDP;
  • The current budget deficit is $1.6 trillion;
  • The national debt is approaching $15 trillion - $3.2 trillion higher than it was when the Senate last passed a budget.

“And to make things even more frustrating, all my colleagues agree on the cause of the problem: It’s simple arithmetic. Our government continues to spend more than it takes in and then borrows huge sums of money to make up the difference.  Those on the left, right and center agree on the fundamental remedy - a combination of real spending cuts and comprehensive entitlement and tax reform.

“So we know where we stand: Every credible voice has emphasized the need for immediate action. Not a few extra days of posturing and speeches on the Senate floor, like we’ve seen the last few days. We should not have to be backed against the wall by the need to increase our borrowing capacity before taking concrete corrective action.

“So at the outset of this weekend, I call on colleagues on both sides of the aisle and I commit to Alaskans that I stand ready to set a clear, smart, realistic path for America’s future.

“There is no time to waste.”