Murkowski Opposes $2.5 Trillion Democrat Health Care Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, issued the following statement regarding her vote against beginning debate on the Democrat health care bill:

“This 2,074-page, $2.5 trillion Democrat health care bill drafted without public input in the privacy of Majority Leader Harry Reid’s office is not reform. Simply put, it’s government-run health care that will raise taxes on individuals, families and small businesses, increase health insurance premiums and cut Medicare by a half trillion dollars. The Democrat leadership knew how unpopular this bill is, even among its own members, because rather than holding tonight’s procedural vote on the bill itself, they called up a “shell bill” for consideration. The Democrats will now substitute their health care bill for the shell bill and that’s what we’ll debate after the Thanksgiving break.

“From tonight’s procedural shenanigans to the accounting gimmicks contained in this bill, this is legislation that should be reformed. We need to adopt a step-by-step approach to health care reform that focuses on the solutions that everyone can agree on such as banning lifetime caps on insurance and coverage denial based on pre-existing conditions, enacting junk lawsuit reforms and allowing insurers to sell across state lines.”

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