Murkowski Opposes Bill Allowing Voluntary Labeling of GE Salmon

Today U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) voted against allowing S. 764, the Biotechnology Labeling Solutions Act, to proceed on the Senate floor, continuing her fight to mandate labeling of genetically engineered (GE) salmon.

S.764 would block states from issuing mandatory labeling laws, such as what the State of Alaska passed in regards to GE salmon, for foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMO). This is in direct contradiction to Senator Murkowski’s efforts to require mandatory labeling of GE salmon nationwide before it is sold to consumers.

(Click image to watch Senator Murkowski’s floor speech on labeling of GE salmon.)

Prior to voting against cloture for the bill, Senator Murkowski spoke on the Senate floor:

“When we talk about genetically engineered salmon, we’re talking about two very distinct and different issues here. This is separate from the larger GMO debate. Genetically engineered animals are not crops, and GE salmon is a genetically engineered animal. This is a new species that will be introduced into our markets, homes, and quite possibly, contrary to what any Environmental Assessment claims, our ecosystems.

“I grew up in Alaska, and I know Alaska well. I also well know the immense value of our fisheries and the potential for havoc that ‘Frankenfish’ could wreak upon wild, sustainable stocks. I will not be supporting cloture on this bill, as it’s an issue that is just too important to so many and has not yet been adequately addressed.

“It would be a mistake to allow genetically engineered salmon into our homes, mislabeled as salmon. I stand here today demanding Congress listen to the voices of Alaskans, the American seafood industry, seafood consumers, and so many more.”

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