Murkowski Opposes Funding for Health Care Law

Senator Continues Efforts to Repeal, Dismantle, and Delay Health Care Law

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Lisa Murkowski today voted against the Democratic bill that funds the Affordable Care Act and shared her reason for the vote afterwards:

“Alaskans are speaking loudly and clearly about what they don’t like in this bad health care law: the 2nd highest premiums in the nation for Alaskans, jobs lost, hours cut and the hit our economy will take. While we have an obligation to fund the government and keep it working, we also have an obligation to listen clearly to our constituents.  I share their concerns and therefore could not support the decision by the Democratic majority to fund this unworkable law.”

Senator Murkowski has repeatedly called for the Affordable Care Act’s repeal, postponement and permanent delay, and has co-sponsored the following bills this year:

  • S. 40 - the American Liberty Restoration Act, which would repeal the individual mandate;
  • S. 399 - the American Job Protection Act, which would repeal the employer mandate;
  • S. 232 – the Medical Device Access and Innovation Protection Act, which would repeal the medical device tax;
  • S.1488 – to delay both the individual and employer mandates until 2015, and
  • S. 1525 - the Trust But Verify Act, which would delay health insurance exchanges from opening until a full inspection of data networks’ security is conducted to maintain information privacy.