Murkowski Outraged at N.S.A. “App Spies” Monitoring Smart Phones

Senator: Big Brother Tactics on Games Not Saving Lives

Senator Lisa Murkowski today responded critically to news accounts detailing that the government’s surveillance practices include Americans’ usage of their smart phones with applications including games and social media:

“Like most Alaskans, I don’t believe the government should be snooping around our property, our e-mails, library records or phone calls – and they certainly are very troubled that the National Security Agency is in our pockets playing ‘Big Brother’ tracking our smart phones.

“I am committed to restoring a sound, American balance between privacy and security, and have worked towards that goal through legislation like the USA Freedom Act that I co-sponsored.

“I do not doubt that our country faces new global threats and there are new technologies that can be leveraged consistent with our civil liberties, but I do not understand how tracking Angry Birds scores or capturing Facebook posts from law-abiding Americans makes a single person safer.”