Murkowski Proudly Votes for First Filipino-American Federal Judge

Senator Pleased with Historic Vote for Lorna Schofield to Federal Bench

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The United States Senate today voted 91-0 today to confirm Lorna G. Schofield to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York – becoming the first Filipino American to serve on the federal bench.  Senator Murkowski cast her vote in support of the confirmation and had the following comment afterwards:

“It’s expected that in about a decade, one out of every four Alaskans will be of Filipino heritage – and today’s vote is a historic force not only for our nation, but for Alaska’s largest Asian group,” said Murkowski.  “Judge Schofield is a second-generation Filipino-American who has done extraordinary work in the legal world for decades. As Alaska’s Filipino community grows, I want their ambition to grow along with it so that a Filipino-Alaskan gets confirmed for a federal position, too.”

How we got here: Lorna Schofield has been a partner in the Wall Street law firm of Debevoise and Plimpton for two decades and was an Assistant US Attorney in the Southern District before that.

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