Murkowski Receives U.S. Navy’s Highest Civilian Award

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus Recognizes Senator’s Arctic Commitment

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Lisa Murkowski today received the United States Navy’s Distinguished Public Service Award from U.S. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus for her “selfless service to the Nation’s Sailors and Marines [that] ensured they were provided the resources necessary to support and defend the Nation’s interests around the globe,” according to the certificate.  The Navy also recognized her Arctic leadership that guarantees “our combat forces are prepared to meet the challenges of a dynamic operational environment.”

When presenting Senator Murkowski with the medal, Secretary Mabus (clip one) said “the award speaks for itself, but I want to thank you personally and on behalf of the Navy and Marine Corps for all you’ve done for us – for sticking up for us.”

When Senator Murkowski received the distinction (attached) from Secretary Mabus (clip two), she admitted “I am really honored, truly honored” at the gesture of goodwill.  Mabus responded to her “you earned this.”


(Clip One)


(Clip Two)