Murkowski Reflects on Pope Francis’ Historic Visit

“The Message He Imparted To Us Was Certainly One of Hope”

Today Senator Murkowski joined her Senate and House colleagues to listen to Pope Francis’ historic address to the United States Congress. Senator Murkowski was among a select group of lawmakers who accompanied Pope Francis into the House Chamber prior to his speech. Murkowski shared her reflections on the Pope’s message:

Pope Francis encouraged us to participate in dialogue, and I think that was an important message to leave with us. And something that I felt very strongly was his call for us to care for the vulnerable, to care for our families, to care for our children, and people across the world. Regardless of your faith, regardless of your country—taking care of your family, attending to those families, that’s where we find strength. Those words I thought were most encouraging today.”                                                                                       

(Click image to watch video.)

(Left: Pope Francis addresses Congress, Right: Pope Francis and Senator Murkowski)

ICYMI: Senator Murkowski spoke immediately after the joint address to share her personal encounter with the Pope. You can watch her story by clicking here.