Murkowski Representing Nation at International Arctic Conference

Senator Attends SCPAR Event in Ottawa, to Discuss Northwest Passage, Arctic Economic Potential

Senator Lisa Murkowski today is representing the United States of America at a meeting of the Standing Committee of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region (SCPAR) in Ottawa, Canada.  She is working alongside representatives from the other Arctic nations, as they study and discuss emerging possibilities and challenges in the region.  Among the topics of discussion today are shipping routes through the Northwest Passage and intelligent investment in the region.

“It is so encouraging and energizing to sit down with global leaders and talk about concrete plans and proactive policies for Arctic nations not only in terms of a prosperous future but also improving conditions for our First Peoples,” said Murkowski.  “It is slightly dispiriting, however, that discussions like these are not happening within America’s borders – and I stand committed to building momentum in the United States to position America as a leader in the Arctic when we become Chair of the Arctic Council next year.”

Senator Lisa Murkowski is seen as a leader in Congress on Arctic matters – and has been critical in recent days of the administration declining to name an Arctic Ambassador as she has called for, opting instead for a vague ‘Special Representative’ position. The United States is scheduled to become the Chair of the Arctic Council next year, and Senator Murkowski has been working with Cabinet officials, top military brass and international leaders to advocate for a better awareness of Alaska’s Arctic role and the need for action and investment now.