Murkowski Responds to Japan’s $6M Tsunami Debris Contribution

Senator Thanks Japanese, Says “Domo Arigato” Upon Hearing News

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda announced this weekend that the Japanese government will provide $6 million to America’s five Pacific coastal states and Canada’s British Columbia province to help fund clean up efforts related to the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Senator Lisa Murkowski had the following response to the news:

“Countries on both sides of the Pacific are sharing the worries and risks connected to the Fukishima earthquake and tsunami, so I thank the Japanese government and the Japanese people for stepping up to be part of the solution.  I hope this spurs on discussions and plans on the international, federal, state and local level to address this looming issue not just for Alaska – where we have more coastline miles than the rest of the country, combined – but for the four other states who are dealing with this threat.  On behalf of the Alaskans who will benefit from this gesture, I say ‘Domo Arigato.’”

Senator Murkowski convened a tsunami debris risk roundtable in January 2012 and has been outspoken about the threat posed to Alaska’s shoreline. She has also reached out to Japanese officials to discuss providing the country with Alaskan liquefied natural gas to offset their power shortfall after the Fukushima power plant was destroyed.