Murkowski Responds to Kenai Lowe’s Closure

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Lisa Murkowski today commented on the sudden closure of the Lowe's home improvement store in Kenai:

"I was disappointed to hear that Lowe's decided late Sunday evening to close their retail store in Kenai, one of four stores they operate in Alaska. It is my understanding that the store's employees, the City of Kenai and the community had very little notice of the company's action.

"Since opening its first stores in Alaska, Lowe's has been one of the top retailers and largest private-sector employers in the state. The closure in Kenai is a reminder of just how difficult and personal this economic crisis has been -- Alaska hasn't felt the brunt of it, but we're not unscathed. I feel terrible for the hardworking Lowe's employees and their families who are the latest in our state to be impacted by the economy."