Murkowski Responds to National Arctic Strategy

As Senator’s Trip to Arctic Council Approaches, She Welcomes Seeds of Arctic Agenda

WASHINGTON, DC — Senator Lisa Murkowski today welcomed the administration’s Strategy for the Arctic Region, to set a tone for the Arctic Council’s meeting next week in Sweden – where she has been invited to join Secretary of State John Kerry due to her leadership on Arctic issues on Capitol Hill.  She offered the following response:

“I welcome the release of the Administration’s National Strategy for the Arctic Region, identifying strategic priorities for the United States in the Arctic Region for the next 10 years – and their top line acknowledgement that America is an Arctic Nation.  As the Strategy notes, issues such as circumpolar maritime transit, greater access to resources, and the needs of the indigenous people of the Arctic are coming to the forefront and the Arctic’s importance to the United States as a nation demands greater attention.

“I agree with the assertion that the Strategy must promote greater unity of effort between Federal departments and agencies, and the State of Alaska and those living in the Arctic region.  I look forward to working with the Administration and the National Security Staff as it develops its implementation plan this summer in order to ensure those commitments are met and that the Arctic is viewed as a national issue and not just a regional one.”

Next week will be Senator Murkowski’s second straight trip to the Arctic Council meetings, held every other year.  In 2011, she joined then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Nuuk, Greenland in a historic trip when Clinton and Murkowski became the first Secretary of State and Senator to attend an Arctic Council meeting.

Additionally, Murkowski has continued her educational campaign on Capitol Hill and around the world encouraging Americans to pursue an Arctic Future as an Arctic Nation.