Murkowski Responds to Obama Health Care Reversal

“This Does Not Keep the Promise Made to Alaskans, and It Does Not Fix The Problem”

Senator Lisa Murkowski shared the following response to President Barack Obama’s news that he will allow exchanges to restore cancelled insurance plans for a year:

“President Obama’s so-called ‘fix’ today amounts to little more than a punt in several directions. He punted health care cancellations for another year, but didn’t resolve any other issues with the law. He punted the discretion to deliver on this ‘keep your health care’ promise to health commissioners across the country.  He punted on fulfilling his promise for a year back to the health care insurance companies.

“The President’s promise was pretty simple – if you like your health care plan, you can keep it.  Period.  Now, in response to a spectacular failure of a rollout of the exchange and the outrage of millions of Americans, he has recalibrated.  Now you can keep your health care at least for the next year if your provider will reissue it.  This does not keep the promise made to Alaskans, and it does not fix the problem.”