Murkowski Responds to President Biden’s State of the Union Address

 U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) tonight released the following statement in response to President Joe Biden's State of the Union address:

U.S. Senator Murkowski response to President Biden's State of the Union

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  • “He spoke about bipartisan accomplishments, and there certainly have been significant bipartisan accomplishments—I have been part of them. Certainly, the infrastructure bill that we passed into law last year was very significant for the state of Alaska, delivering great benefits to Alaska. It’s something that I’m proud of, and I think that the President should be proud of as well.”
  • “There was good work, but I think in fairness, the President struck a note of optimism that Alaskans are certainly not feeling. I’m hearing from Alaskans who are concerned with the continued price of inflation, what they are paying for fuel, what they are paying in the grocery store, the fact that they cannot get eggs. The reality is, it is still a very, very tough economy. The president is right the State of the Union is good because of the soul of the American people. But it’s not good in the sense of a healthy economy. We have a ways to go.”
  • “The President spoke about different measures that he’s going to push including ‘Buy in America’. But you couldn’t point to a better place to do that when you’re talking about resources than in our ground with American workers – our jobs, our resources, our benefit.”
  • “We’ve got a project that is ready made—the Willow Project in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. Mr. President, do the right thing and approve that project so that it gets Alaskans to work, it helps Native people who live in that region, it helps our state, it helps our country, and it helps our allies. That’s Made in America. That’s Buy American.”
  • “So, there’s some things we can work on. I’m all about bipartisanship, but it goes both ways…It has to be more than just words. It has to be that full on action.”