Murkowski Responds to Proposal for Syria to Surrender Chemical Weapons

Senator Continues to Seek a “Coherent” Middle East Plan from the Administration

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Lisa Murkowski offered the following statement on the proposal to have Syria turn over its chemical weapons arsenal to the international community:

“I remain concerned about the Syrian government's use of internationally-prohibited chemical weapons on its own citizens. The indiscriminate massacre of innocent people is a heinous act which must not be tolerated.  Given the incredible stakes at play globally, I will look critically at the proposal to require Syria to turn over their weapons. Moving forward, the devised plan must include a series of binding protocols to secure all of Syria’s chemical weapons, destroy them, and allow verification that such actions have occurred.

“While I do hope President Assad cooperates with the proposal, I remain concerned and I know many Alaskans agree that this administration does not have a coherent strategy for the region. The President needs to clearly articulate how this Syria plan lines up with any broader vision for the Middle East and how our national security interests are protected.”