Murkowski Responds to White House Health Care Flip-Flop

Senator: Alaskans Want, Need and Deserve True Health Care Reform - Not This Law

Senator Lisa Murkowski today responded to the Obama Administration’s “rules change” where it will allow a new set of exemptions to the health care law, saying:

“Tonight’s flip-flop from the White House on the health care bill is a stunning admission that its signature achievement is clearly not ready for prime time.  Just weeks ago, President Obama vowed that Americans needed to be ‘protected’ from these basic plans.  At this point, I think Alaskans need to be protected from this bill and the anxiety and frustration it has created for people who just want to know that they and their loved ones can get medical care.

“Alaskans and Americans want, need and deserve health care reform that allows for better access to care and lower costs – but that is not what is happening. The website rollout is a debacle, the employer mandate and out-of-pocket limits are both postponed for at least a year, and carve-outs and exemptions continue to be made.  Even the Washington Post had to publish a guide to the constantly changing health care deadlines.

“The White House and Democratic party already earned the lie of the year for the “If you like your health plan, you can keep it” line, losing the trust of many Americans. This last-minute reversal is another mistake contributing to a crisis of confidence in the administration and this law.”