Murkowski Shares Kodiak Concerns with Secretary of the Army

Critical Newtok Supplies Must be Delivered, Proposes Ketchikan Shipyard for Repairs

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In the wake of the U.S. Army Reserve Vessel Monterrey’s recent accident on Puffin Island near Kodiak, Senator Lisa Murkowski is asking Secretary of the Army John McHugh to keep her informed of the recovery and repair efforts.

In a letter, Murkowski writes, “I expect that the Army will fully investigate the cause of this incident and take all appropriate steps, in conjunction with the Coast Guard and the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, to prevent damage to the environment and fisheries.  I intend to follow this matter very closely and would ask that you instruct your staff to be proactive and candid in the information that is shared with me and my staff.”

The USARV Monterrey was transporting supplies to support a US Marine Corps Innovative Readiness Training activity at Mertarvik, Alaska, where efforts are being made to create a new village for the community of Newtok, Alaska, a village facing coastal erosion. “The people of Newtok have been working diligently to create their new home at Mertarvik with assistance from the Innovative Readiness Training program.  Due to the short Alaska construction season it is imperative that these supplies are transported as soon as possible.”

Murkowski also suggested to Secretary McHugh that the repair work of the USARV Monterrey be done at the Ketchikan Shipyard.  “I would encourage the Army to consider the Ketchikan Shipyard for these repairs, consistent with all relevant rules, laws and regulations.”

The letter to Secretary McHugh is attached.