Murkowski Shows Support for Israel; Condemns Palestinian Terror Attacks

‘Our clear and unequivocal support for Israel is more important than ever’

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) cosponsored a bipartisan resolution reaffirming that the United States stands with Israel in the wake of recent Palestinian attacks. The resolution also acknowledges Israel’s commitment to protect the sanctity of Islamic religious sites on the Temple Mount in accordance with longstanding agreements.

A wave of random and deadly attacks has raised tensions in Israel as Palestinians armed with knives, meat cleavers, guns, and cars have carried out close to 65 attacks, leaving 135 Israelis wounded and 10 dead. Senate Resolution (S. Res) 302 serves to support and show solidarity with Israel in bringing the violence to an end and to help stabilize security for both Palestinians and Israelis.

“Our clear and unequivocal support for Israel is more important than ever. Today the peace of Jerusalem, and the State of Israel, is threatened ‎once again by Palestinian violence that threatens the sanctity of religious shrines and all those who come there to pray for the future of humanity,” said Senator Murkowski. “To Mr. Abbas and the leaders of the Palestinian Authority: I implore you to unequivocally condemn and put an end to the violence immediately. We must walk together down the road of peace through negotiation and mutual respect. The United States stands with Israel in urging you to cease the inflammatory rhetoric and to return to the negotiating table immediately.”

The resolution:

  • Condemns these brutal attacks in the harshest terms possible;
  • Urges the President and the international community to join in forcefully condemning these Palestinian terror attacks;
  • Supports Israel’s right to self-defense and rejects any suggestion of the moral equivalence from Israeli security personnel protecting its citizens from senseless violence and terrorists intent to deliberately take innocent lives;
  • Calls upon President Abbas to stop all incitement by Palestinian officials and by Palestinian media;
  • Encourages President Abbas to continue strengthening and maintaining security cooperation with Israel; and
  • Calls on all parties to return to the negotiating table immediately and without preconditions as direct discussions remain the best avenue to ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.