Murkowski Speaks About Attack on the U.S. Capitol

‘It tore at the hearts of Americans. It tore at the heart of our very democracy.’

Yesterday, hundreds of protesters launched a violent and unlawful attack on the United States Capitol. Today, U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) spoke from the steps of the Capitol about the events that took place. 

“As a nation, every four years we figure out a way through our election process— through this great democracy we have. We figure out how we peacefully transfer power from one administration to the next. Even when it is to an individual you did not support, that you would prefer not to be your president—we accept the validity of the process that we have embraced as Americans for centuries. Yesterday’s insurrection was incited, and it was incited from the highest level. It tore at the hearts of Americans. It tore at the heart of our very democracy. We must go forward in a manner that will unify us in all that we do. We will have areas of disagreement on policy. That is understood. But we must remember at the heart of us, at the core of us, are our shared values of democracy. That’s what we stood for as we concluded the Electoral College process in verifying and confirming that President-Elect Biden will become our next president. So as we move forward after a very tough and tumultuous time, we must move forward with a resoluteness, a foundation, just as we stand on here at our nation’s Capitol.”

Capitol Steps 2

 (Click here to watch Senator Murkowski’s full video.)