Murkowski Speaks to “Arctic Tough, Resilient and Brave” 4th Brigade

Senator Lisa Murkowski today spoke to thousands of members of the 4th AIRBORNE Brigade Combat Team – the “Spartan Brigade” – and their families as they prepare to for a year-long mission deployment to Afghanistan.

Some moments from Senator Murkowski’s speech:

  • “Every American soldier is an ambassador of American exceptionalism. I am told that this brigade has a certain reputation. You are a cut above the rest. Arctic tough, resilient and brave. Blessed with strong officers and NCOs, you fight with your hearts and you fight with your brains.”
  •  “Only by demonstrating our resolve to the enemy do we weaken their resolve. Only by giving your all to the fight do we bring ourselves closer to the day that the Afghan people will regain control of their destiny.”
  • “I have a few words for our Spartan families. We all appreciate that life does not stop while your loved ones are on deployment. Over the next year you will have your share of blessings and your share of challenges. Sometimes these challenges will seem overwhelming. But there’s help at hand no matter how great the challenge seems."
  • “Help from your Family Readiness Group. Help in the communities of Anchorage, Eagle River and the Mat-Su. In Alaska when we see a car in the ditch we don’t just drive by. We get involved. It’s part of our Alaskan DNA. Alaskans are passionate about a great many things. But there is no greater love than the love we have for our military families.”