Murkowski Statement on Boston Terror Arrest

Senator: Men Tried to Sow Chaos and Fear but Created a Unity of Purpose and Resolve

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Lisa Murkowski shared the following thoughts upon the arrest of the second suspect in Monday’s Boston Marathon bomb attack:

“Alaskans and Americans salute the well-coordinated effort of the brave and vigilant law-enforcement teams that cooperated today in Boston to apprehend the suspect and put an end to one of the most difficult weeks in our nation’s recent history.  The men who perpetrated Monday’s attack tried to sow chaos and fear, but instead they created a unity of purpose and resolve that led to their downfall.  Every man, woman and child joined forces with that cohesive law-enforcement effort to cast a net that led to tonight’s capture.

“There are many questions yet to be answered in the days and weeks ahead, but there is no question that crisis can bring about the best in America.  For all the terror and sadness this week, there were also stories of true selflessness: from the Sitka man who gave his marathon medal to an emotional woman he’d never met to the men and women who chose to run towards the blast to treat and care for the victims.

“Now that this nightmare has concluded, our thoughts and prayers can be focused on the needless deaths this week and the healing process for all the victims.  Today’s closure allows us to all move forward together.”