Murkowski Statement on Healthcare Vote

Today U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) made the following statement:

“I voted no on the healthcare proposal last night because both sides must do better on process and substance. The Affordable Care Act remains a flawed law that I am committed to reforming with a structure that works better for all Americans. But to do that, the Senate must fully devote itself to an effort to improve the healthcare system in this country, reduce costs, increase access, and deliver the quality of care that our families want and deserve.

“I know that access to affordable care is a challenge for so many. I hear from fishermen who can’t afford the coverage that they have, small business owners who can’t afford insurance at all, and those who have gained coverage for the first time in their life. These Alaskans have shared their anxiety that their personal situation may be made worse under the legislation considered this week.

“As a Senate, as leaders, we have an obligation to do better for those whom we serve. I stand ready to begin work with my colleagues – all of them – to reform healthcare in a more open process.”