Murkowski Statement on Justice Kennedy’s Retirement from Supreme Court

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) today issued the following statement after Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his upcoming retirement:

“I would like to thank Justice Kennedy for his decades of service to our country. As one of the very few westerners on the current court, he has served the court and our nation well. His retirement is a historic moment for the court because he was the swing vote in so many decisions of great consequence. I think he held the court together and did right by the Constitution.

“My standards for Supreme Court nominees are extremely high. It is my longstanding practice to carefully scrutinize the qualifications of judicial nominees and to cast an independent vote when judicial nominations come before the Senate. There is no doubt that the President’s nominee to succeed Justice Kennedy can expect exacting scrutiny from the Senate and that is the standard I will apply in evaluating the nominee.”