Murkowski Statement on Katz Resignation

Senator Saddened for Alaska’s Loss

Washington, dc – John Katz, Alaska’s Director of State and Federal Relations and Special Counsel to the Governor in Washington, D.C., today announced that he will be retiring at the end of the year.  Senator Murkowski issued the following reaction to his statement:

“Today’s announcement comes as a shock to the system of Alaska.  John Katz has worked for the people of Alaska for over half the time we have been a state – always working and fighting tirelessly for Alaska’s interests, whether at home or in Washington, DC.  I cannot disagree with either his motive or the motivating factor.  John wants to spend more time at home with his family; no one can begrudge him that.  Secondly, John is frustrated – frustrated with the paralysis and partisan hostility that has taken over Washington, DC.

“He lived the bipartisan life so many Alaskans and Americans do, serving eight different governors across the political spectrum. He has a deep knowledge and understanding, not only of Alaska’s history but also of our potential and promise.”