Murkowski Statement on Net Neutrality Vote

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski issued the following statement on the Senate’s vote on joint resolution, S J Res 52, providing for congressional disapproval of the net neutrality rule by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

“Regulating the internet like a utility under a 1934 law is not the way to an open internet. I have never supported Title II regulation and do not support it today.

“I have voted to pass this resolution today so that we can reset the discussion and move beyond the politics at play here to what is really needed—lasting legislation that will provide certainty and move us beyond shifting regulatory standards that depend on who is running the FCC. 

Net Neutrality Remarks

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“My interest is always protecting and improving Alaska’s internet connectivity, given our unique circumstances. At stake are rural health clinics and schools that rely on the prioritization of lifesaving telemedicine services and access to educational resources. We must pass legislation that prohibits harmful practices like blocking and throttling but also allows for exceptions to support the unique needs that we have in Alaska. We must stop trying to score political points and work together to ensure an open internet with privacy protections for all consumers.”