Murkowski Statement on North Korea Missile Launch

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, issued the following statement regarding the launch of a missile by North Korea:
"I am very disappointed by North Korea’s recent launch of a long-range rocket.  This aggressive move, coupled with their recent actions and statements, place the progress of the Six Party Talks in jeopardy and risks destabilizing the Asia-Pacific region.  In addition to the security implications of North Korea’s move, it is tragic that in a country where there are chronic economic problems, precious resources needed for investment and civilian consumption are consistently diverted to fund military expansion. 
"Regardless of whether North Korea's intention was to test a ballistic missile or put a satellite into orbit using ballistic missile technology, it was illegal. The United Nations Security Council has been clear on this point with the North Koreans since 2006 when it passed a resolution barring North Korea from developing ballistic missile technology.
"With this launch, I remain disappointed to hear continued rumors of budget cuts to our missile defense programs. The firing of this missile illustrates the critical role these systems play in our nation's defense. In light of the actions taken by North Korea, now is not the time to make cuts to these essential programs."