Murkowski Statement on Passage of National Security Supplemental

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) issued the following statement on the Senate voting 70-29 to pass the national security supplemental package:

“Today the Senate delivered an important message to our allies around the world - you can count on the United States. With the Senate’s support of this comprehensive national security bill crafted through months of bipartisan negotiation, our allies in Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan will be one step closer to receiving much needed and overdue support. It is also an investment in U.S. military readiness in an increasingly chaotic world.  

“There is a military saying that ‘The only thing more expensive than deterrence is actually fighting a war.’ I urge the House to carefully consider this package as a strong deterrence to our enemies in Russia, Iran, and China. If we are to preserve freedom both home and abroad, the time to act is now.”