Murkowski Statement on Senate Immigration Votes

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski made the following statement after the Senate failed to advance immigration legislation to address DACA and improve border security: 

“I am extremely disappointed that the Senate failed to advance our bipartisan proposal that provided both certainty for the Dreamers and critical improvements to border security.  The legislation was developed through weeks of discussion and while far from perfect, it offered a path forward to the most urgent and pressing immigration issues.  The vast majority of American people believe that the Dreamers, who were brought here by their parents, and raised here, should be protected from deportation.  While none of the measures voted on this week received enough votes to pass, we should not give up, and I will not.  Congress must lift the cloud of uncertainty that is hovering over the Dreamers and ensure they no longer fear deportation, while strengthening our border in an intelligent way.  I am committed to finding a way forward.”

Background: Senator Murkowski was part of a bipartisan group of 16 Senators who introduced the Immigration Security and Opportunity Act earlier this week.