Murkowski Statement on Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, Vice Chair of the Senate Republican Conference, issued the following statement in observance of Women's History Month and International Women's Day:

"The achievements of women throughout our nation's history remind us that America is a great land of democracy, hope and opportunity. This nation's female trailblazers have transformed our communities, our country and the world for the better.

"In my home state of Alaska, we recently cheered on four female athletes who competed fiercely in this year's winter Olympics and delivered remarkable performances. Later this month, three Alaskans who served in the Women Airforce Service Pilots, or WASP, during World War II will be honored with the Congressional Gold Medal at a ceremony in the U.S. Capitol. These fearless women symbolize the spirit of America's ‘Last Frontier.'

"Women have risen through the ranks in America's boardrooms, legislatures, classrooms, courtrooms, military, and in other professions. Today, they make up half of our workforce, receive more than 60 percent of university degrees, and are growing businesses two and a half times faster than the growth in the overall business sector. During the economic downturn, women have been the glue holding millions of households together. Three out of four people who have lost jobs since the recession began are men, leaving many families to rely on the wife's income while the husband seeks work.

"We also have witnessed the rapid progress of women's rights and status throughout the world. For example, there are now 25 female ambassadors stationed in Washington, the highest ever, and five times the number that were present a decade ago. What this tells us is that women are increasingly becoming global leaders, bringing a different perspective to the table. Issues that affect families, such as poverty, health care, education domestic abuse are now receiving more attention.

"While women have forged a strong path ahead for future generations, we can always do more to shed light on the problems that plague women in our underserved communities, developing countries and areas that suppress women. The freedoms that many of us enjoy and often take for granted are unimaginable to mothers, wives, sisters and daughters throughout the globe.

"In observance of International Women's Day and Women's History Month, we should applaud the accomplishments of our nation's women, recognize the everyday unsung heroes who are too often overlooked and do everything possible to advance equality, and justice for women in all parts of the world."

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