Murkowski, Sullivan Announce Infrastructure Grant for Ted Stevens International Airport

U.S. Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, both R-Alaska, today announced over $2.4 million in grant funding for the Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage. This grant was made possible by the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act’s (IIJA) Airport Terminals Program.

“The Ted Stevens International Airport has facilitated our ability to fly across Alaska for decades - moving goods and services, connecting friends and family, supporting tourism, and serving as a hub for global shipping. As travel and transportation needs continue to grow, this funding will help ensure we have the most efficient and reliable infrastructure in place at Alaska’s largest airport,” said Senator Murkowski. “This grant is yet another example of the continuous funding our bipartisan infrastructure law is bringing to Alaska, and these timely investments will deliver benefits for Alaskans for a long time to come.”

“After touring Anchorage International Airport just last week, it's clear that the airport is positioned to be one of the nation's leading cargo and passenger hubs,” said Senator Sullivan. “Less than nine hours away from 95 percent of the industrialized world, the airport is of great strategic importance. I'm pleased to see these funds awarded to the airport and look forward to additional announcements on allotted airport infrastructure funds.”

The Airport Terminals Program will provide $5 billion over five years through competitive grants to support airport infrastructure development by expanding capacity, access, and sustainability. Historically, federal funds have not supported terminal improvement projects. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has received approximately 658 applications across 532 airports, requesting a total of more than $14 billion, speaking to the significant demand for airport terminal improvements.

Per the FAA, terminal grants may fund projects “that will improve airfield safety through terminal relocation, replace aging facilities, increase capacity, encourage competition, improve energy efficiency (including LEED accreditation standards) and increase or improve access to passengers with disabilities and historically disadvantaged populations. Projects that relocate, reconstruct, repair or improve an airport-owned air traffic control tower are also eligible. Eligible airports include those operated by authorities, cities, territories and tribes within the national air transportation system,” and those eligible for Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grants.

For more information on the Airport Terminals Program, click here.

Murkowski was a lead author and negotiator of H.R. 3684, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. For more information about the law and the funding it is bringing to Alaska, please click here.

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