Murkowski Supports National Security Supplemental

Washington, DC – This evening, the Senate overwhelmingly passed H.R.815, the vehicle for a package of supplemental national security measures, through a bipartisan vote of 79-18. U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) voted for the package, which provides long-awaited support for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and Indo-Pacific allies while simultaneously rebuilding domestic defense capacities.

“Despite my frustration and the real-world consequences of the delays associated with this critical assistance, today’s vote comes as a desperate relief to our allies abroad and those who prioritize our national security here at home,” Murkowski said. “This package supports Ukraine, Israel, and our partners throughout the Indo-Pacific region as they fight to defend themselves and preserve their sovereignty. This is the deterrence that Putin hoped would not come. This is support for desperately needed humanitarian aid in Israel. This also expands sanctions on Iranian oil, which the Biden administration must enforce to the letter. The supplemental requires a level of accountability and oversight with these funds for our allies. And importantly, it helps restore our defense capabilities.”

The supplemental security package includes $60.8 billion for Ukraine; $26.4 billion for Israel, including $9.2 billion for humanitarian aid; and $8.1 billion to support Indo-Pacific allies to deter Chinese aggression in the region. The measure also allows seized Russian assets to be used to aid Ukraine; provides new authorities to reduce the flow of fentanyl inside U.S. borders; and broadens sanctions against Iran to include foreign ports, vessels, and refineries that process or ship Iranian crude oil as violating already-existing U.S. sanctions. 

The House of Representatives passed this package on a strong bipartisan vote last weekend, so it will now go to the President’s desk for signature.