WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Lisa Murkowski today met with Megan Waggoner from Palmer who is in Washington. D.C. to receive the President’s Environmental Youth Award on behalf of Alaska Youth for Environmental Action (AYEA). At their meeting, Megan told Senator Murkowski about the AYEA’s current 3-2-1 Efficiency! Pledge Campaign. Those who sign the pledge commit to the following three simple steps: 1.) Replace three high-use incandescent bulbs in your home with energy-saving Compact Florescent Lamps (CFL). These light bulbs are 75 percent more efficient than regular bulbs, and can last 5-10 times longer. 2.) Turn the temperature on your thermostat down two degrees in the winter. 3.) Unplug one electronic appliance when you’re not using it. By keeping that toaster plugged in (even if it’s turned off), a lot of wasted energy is flowing through the appliance. “I applaud Megan and all of the members of Alaska Youth for Environmental Action for helping spread the word that we all can take simple steps to reduce carbon emissions on the planet,” said Senator Murkowski. “I hope by taking this pledge, I can inspire others in Alaska to do the same.” AYEA started the 3-2-1 campaign in October, 2006 and hopes to collect 5,000 signatures to the pledge by the end of April. If they reach that goal, they estimate that they can reduce carbon emissions in Alaska by 16.5 million pounds annually. Those who want to learn more about the 3-2-1 Efficiency Pledge Campaign, or wish to take the pledge, can visit www.ayea.org. ###