Murkowski: Tax Day Demonstrates Urgent Need for Reform

Senator Calls Piecemeal, Political Approach Inadequate

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Murkowski issued the following statement today on the deadline for Alaskans and Americans to file their tax returns:

“As Alaskans finish up their tax returns online or in the mail – through a maze of paperwork that wear us out – we realize on this day above all else the need for comprehensive tax reform.

“As I told Alaskans statewide in my economic town halls last fall, we need bipartisan, comprehensive tax reform that simplified our current system by cutting through the loopholes and exemptions and accounting. And we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. The President’s own Simpson-Bowles Commission made this suggestion, and many other efforts have come to the same conclusion.

“While there have been recent proposals to hike taxes on a particular group of Americans or a segment of one industry, a piecemeal and political approach is not the solution. We all deserve a simpler, more efficient and equitable system.”