Murkowski: "Time Out" On New Regulations

Senator Co-Sponsors Bill Pushing One-Year Moratorium on Significant Rules

Washington, D.C. – Senator Lisa Murkowski today announced she is joining her colleague Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) as a co-sponsor of the Regulatory Time Out Act of 2011 (S.1538) that would create more regulatory certainty for job creators and some breathing room for employers with 4,257 new rules up for consideration.

“Our businesses are wasting hours and productivity on paperwork and don’t need more boxes to check; they need more time to work and create opportunities for new employees,” Murkowski added.  “In far too many cases, they’re not being judged on their safety record but how well they keep their safety records.”

The Regulatory Time Out Act would impose a one year moratorium on “significant” regulations from going into effect if those rules would damage job creation and the economy – and covers regulations issued by Executive Branch agencies as well as regulatory bodies.  The moratorium would not apply to rules that address immediate threats to health and safety, or those in the criminal justice or military sectors.

Regulations that can be proven to aid in job creation or reduce other regulatory burdens would also be exempt from the time-out. 

“When I hear from Alaska’s business owners, large and small, they say two things: Let us get to work and get the government out of the way,” Murkowski said.  “This bill eliminates new hurdles and creates an opportunity for growth.” 

VIDEO BELOW: Senator Murkowski uses a letter she received from Soldotna City Manager Larry Semmens this Monday as proof the “Time Out Act” is needed for Alaska: