Murkowski to Hold an “Alaskan Bottom Line of Health Care Reform” Event

Senator Bringing Alaskans Together to Understand New Health Care Taxes, LIVE Web-Streaming Event Statewide

WASHINGTON, D.C. –Senator Lisa Murkowski is holding an “Alaskan Bottom Line of Health Care Reform” in Anchorage tomorrow, August 15th 2012, and will live web-stream the event to all Alaskans at www.Murkowski.Senate.Gov .

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in June 28th,
2012, with the justices ruling the controversial individual mandated was only legal as a tax.  According to research by one of the nation’s largest health insurance providers, the ACA imposes more than $340 million in new taxes on Alaskans including a “Cadillac tax” that could add up to $1,500 per person and $5,400 per Alaskan family.  The full impacts ACA has on small business owners, health care providers and individuals are still being calculated.   

“While I agree good health care should be accessible for all Americans, the Affordable
Care Act is not the answer,” says Senator Murkowski.  “Costs for health care in Alaska are often higher than in the Lower 48, so many Alaskans have more expensive health
insurance plans.  This bill will punish hundreds of thousands of Alaskans for that better insurance coverage, not to mention put additional hardships on small business owners already facing higher operating costs.”

To tackle the issue from all angles, Sen. Murkowski has invited a doctor, a Realtor, and
a local small business owner to talk about the impacts of the ACA on their individual businesses and their industries. 

What: “The Alaskan Bottom Line of Health Care Reform” Roundtable  



U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski, Alaska

Dr. Bruce Kiessling, Medical Director of Primary Care Associates

Michael Droege, President-Elect, Alaska Association of REALTORS

Skip Winfree, President, 10th & M Seafoods


When: August 15th, 2012 (TOMORROW) 10am to 10:45am AKDT with a media availability immediately following


Where: UAA School of Nursing at the UAA Health Sciences Building, 3795 Piper Street, Anchorage Alaska  (See map attached)

Event is free and open to the public. Parking at the UAA Health Sciences Building pay-to-park area has been waved for the event.