Murkowski Urges Senate Action on Violence Against Women Bill

Senator Shares Alaskan Stories, Testimonials on Senate Floor

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Lisa Murkowski took to the United States Senate floor for the second time in two consecutive Senate workdays, urging her colleagues to pass the important Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) reauthorization bill that will continue support efforts and programs nationwide to combat and police domestic violence

Last Thursday, Murkowski opened her remarks focused on the Interior Department’s controversial Izembek decision by asking her colleagues to advance the important VAWA legislation and said “You don’t give up when the cause is right.” Monday, with the Senate still considering VAWA, Murkowski returned to the Senate floor and read letters from Alaskan women, amplifying how much this bill means to Alaska – which suffers from the worst sexual assault and domestic violence rates in the nation.


(2/11: “VAWA Saves Live,” “Make It Happen”)    Click images to watch   

(2/7: “You don’t give up when the cause is right”)    Click images to watch    

The U.S. Senate is presently scheduled to have a vote on final passage of the bill tomorrow morning.  You can watch the Senator’s entire Monday speech by clicking here.