Murkowski: U.S., World Must Stand With Ukraine

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) released the following statement on the one-year anniversary of Russia’s catastrophic war against Ukraine.

“One year ago, the world watched in horror as tens of thousands of Russian troops attacked Ukraine, seeking to inflict unspeakable devastation on a free nation and of innocent people. At risk is the loss of a fledgling democracy, destabilization of the post-World War II global order, and a wider conflict that engulfed additional nations.

“The Ukrainian people have sacrificed mightily and suffered great losses that will never be forgotten. Against all odds and expectations, they have held their ground, their country, and their democracy. Ukraine has taken the fight right back to their Russian invaders, demonstrating the power of their unity and undaunted courage.

“Despite Russia’s tremendous losses, Putin refuses to abandon his bloody war. There is no talking reason to his corrupt regime. So what we can and must do is continue to stand with Ukraine and their fight for freedom—and I’m proud to do so. 

“In the past year, countless Alaskans have stepped up in their own ways. From former Special Forces Mark Hayward of Nome training Ukrainian troops on the ground, to groups like the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute sending thousands of pounds of canned salmon, to communities across the state welcoming hundreds of refugees, Alaskans are with Ukraine. 

“As the Russian onslaught continues, Ukraine’s need remain immense. We have a responsibility to support them, and we will—until they have prevailed, and their citizens and sovereignty are no longer under attack. The United States must continue our support and messages of strength, unity, and hope—global democracy, and all that it stands for, depends on it.”