Murkowski Votes Against “Déjà Vu Messaging” Bill

Senator: True Solution to Bringing Jobs to America is Reforming Tax Code

Senator Lisa Murkowski today voted against proceeding to S.2569, the Bring Jobs Back to America bill, which is identical to legislation introduced by Democrats and that also failed in 2012. Murkowski shared her reasoning with Alaskans:

"If you want to have a productive and responsible conversation about creating jobs and simplifying our tax code, you can count me in.  But to cut-and-paste a failed bill without making any changes or without considering Republican amendments to improve it and make it work demonstrates this bill was introduced to help political candidates and not American workers.

“Today’s bill would give companies a one-time tax credit for changing the entire way their company is structured – even the U.S Chamber and the business community itself have said the bill is ‘misguided’ and could cause ‘significant harm to the country’s economy.’  The true solution to this problem is to reform the US corporate tax code so that it works for our companies and nation rather than drive jobs overseas.  We live in a global economy and we need to ensure the U.S. remains competitive.

“Instead of advancing legislation to do, strengthen our economy and truly create jobs, the Senate Majority offered us déjà vu messaging.  Americans deserve better.”