Murkowski Votes Against Federal Tax Mandate for Alaska Businesses

Marketplace Fairness Act Would Ignore Law of the Land in Alaska, Bog Down Small Businesses

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Lisa Murkowski today cast her vote against the Marketplace Fairness Act that would force Alaska’s businesses to begin taxing out-of-state online customers.  She explained her vote afterwards:

“In Alaska, we don’t have a state sales tax.  But the Marketplace Fairness Act is trying to have our law of the land take a back seat to other states that see things differently, and I don’t believe that is good policy or fair to Alaska businesses – particularly small businesses.   

“I have heard from business owners in Fairbanks, Eagle River and Anchorage, who explained to me the time-consuming expense of complying with sales tax laws for every jurisdiction in this country – imagine a business on the Sterling Highway doing paperwork to comply with California’s tax code.  Now is the wrong time to create additional regulatory burdens and paperwork for our small businesses and entrepreneurs.”


(Senator Murkowski Speaks Against Marketplace Fairness Act, 4/25/2013CLICK to watch)


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